Underestimate me that’ll be fun: A book review

This book written by Furiosa is a compilation of rants, thoughts, and observations on a variety of topics that she scribbled while fleeing and approaching her true self. It delivers on the promise of the description. It was like reading a diary full of someone’s innermost ideas on life and the world around them, and she isn’t shy about saying what she thinks. It was a lot of fun to see, and some of the messages were quite poignant (Underestimate me that’ll be fun).

Underestimate me that’ll be fun: Message

It is both entertaining and energising, with a fierce, uncompromising message of self-empowerment and acceptance of one’s genuine self. It’s a vibrant and often lyrical guide to living a full and happy life—until an ill-advised digression sabotages the book’s positive message.

Underestimate me that’ll be fun: A self-help book

Right at the start, it tells you everything you need to know about this self-help book. If the axe-wielding woman in high heels on the cover isn’t enough to hint at what’s inside, the author’s pen name, “Furiosa,” should suffice. This isn’t the kind of motivating book where the author compassionately exhorts the reader to practise mindfulness meditation. Furiosa, like her Mad Max: Fury Road namesake persona, takes a furious, no-holds-barred attitude against anyone–including herself–who tries to keep her from experiencing life to the fullest (Underestimate me that’ll be fun).

The author swats down one minion of negativity after another with delighted zeal, swinging her “verbal axe” with gleeful vigour. Bullies, haters, and internet trolls, as well as “negative dullards” who spoil your joy or good news, and well-intentioned pals who “don’t want you going after your aspirations because they have long since given up on theirs,” are all under her wrath.

Underestimate me that’ll be fun: The inner voice of the author

Furiosa, on the other hand, directs her most venomous blows at her own self-critical ideas. Dialogues between the author and her inner voice appear throughout the book, with the inner voice nitpicking and undermining the previous chapter’s messages (“Woo-wee!”). Someone is full of themselves today,” Furiosa says, and Furiosa responds with a caustic retort, “And someone else is full of something, too.”

Underestimate me that'll be fun
Underestimate me that’ll be fun: Meme

She occasionally lets go of her tough-guy demeanour and offers spiritual instruction. She encourages, “Find what feeds your spirit.” “A star-filled sky, a secluded beach in any season, a nice book, and a warm blanket by the fire, excellent meals shared with friends,” she says. Some of the book’s high points are the author’s wonderfully drawn recollections of her excursions into nature, which balance the book’s fiery exhortations with peaceful, evocative poetry.

Underestimate me that’ll be fun: What’s disappointing?

Furiosa’s rhetorical axe swings too violently and swerves into out-of-nowhere political rants, sending the book careening off the tracks. A chapter is devoted to criticising current feminism (“I see women marching in the streets naked or wearing only bras and shorts. They’ve painted SLUT on their bare stomachs”) as self-victimizing, and smears trans people–”I can’t wait to see Serena Williams or Megan Rapinoe lose against a man who has decided to be a female athlete”–and the #MeToo movement (Underestimate me that’ll be fun).

Disturbing Points:

Furiosa goes on to dismiss feminists as “ladies who spend Saturday nights at home with their six cats” and glibly defend toxic masculinity as “quite seductive.” Whether readers agree with her viewpoints or not, this chapter is a pointless diversion that adds little to the book other than a call to “lift yourself up by your bootstraps” toughness in the face of injustice.

And it’s depressing to see this passionate supporter of living your truth exposed as a regressive prude. Worse yet, it detonates a stink bomb into what had been an uplifting and good experience up to this time. By including this chapter, the author does her book an unnecessary disservice, as it will turn off a large percentage of her prospective audience while heaping scorn and mockery on many readers who would otherwise benefit from her counsel.

The conclusion:

The book is both entertaining and energising, with a fierce, uncompromising message of self-empowerment and acceptance of one’s genuine self. It’s a vibrant, often lyrical guide to living a full and happy life–until an ill-advised digression \s?>abotages its reassuring message (Underestimate me that’ll be fun).

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