Barbie Magical Fashion: Best Fashion Game

Fashion games are quite a rage among young people, especially teenagers. Barbie dress up games has been out there on the internet for a long time. When the internet was still a new thing in India, girls used to search barbie dress up games on Google a lot and it was a lot of fun back then. Now the times have changed and like the world, these games have changed.

Barbie Magical Fashion is an upgraded and modern take on the traditional barbie dress up games. 

Barbie Magical Fashion lets you dress up like a princess, mermaid, fairy, or unicorn. BarbieTM Magical Fashion, from Budge StudiosTM, allows you to dress up as a princess, mermaid, fairy, hero, or a combination of all four! Create a stunning ensemble, style your hair, and accessorise with glitzy jewellery and vibrant make-up! Are you prepared to embark on your enchanted adventure? If you dream big with Barbie, anything is possible!

Barbie Magical Fashion: Features

  • Create several hairstyles for her and add colour streaks to her hair.
  • Complete your wonderful look with gorgeous fairy tale make-up.
  • Make a beautiful necklace by adorning your tiara with glittering gems.
  • Make your princess gown and shoes unique.
  • You may even make unicorns by adding a mermaid tail, fairy wings, or hero accoutrements.
  • Along the route, look for magical gift boxes for entertaining surprises.
  • Save and share your dazzling looks with family and friends.

Barbie Magical Fashion: Is it free?

Please keep in mind that while this game is free to test, certain content may only be available through in-app purchases. In-app purchases are charged to your account and cost real money. Change your device settings to disable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases. 

This app may contain contextual advertising (including the ability to view ads for incentives) from Budge Studios, our partners, and third parties about other applications we publish. In this app, Budge Studios does not allow behavioural advertising or retargeting. There may be social media links in the app that are only accessible through a parental gate.

Barbie Magical Fashion
What does make this game special?

Please keep in mind that this software allows users to take and/or take photos in-app, which can then be saved locally on their devices. These photographs are never shared in-app with other users, and Budge Studios never shares them with unaffiliated third-party firms.

Barbie Magical Fashion: Privacy and Advertising

Budge Studios is concerned about children’s privacy and assures that its apps adhere to all applicable privacy regulations. The “ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Privacy Certified Kids’ Privacy Seal” has been awarded to this application.

How to play this game and where you can find Barbie Magical Fashion?

Barbie: Magical Fashion is a virtual princess dress-up game that allows future fashionistas to dress up their princess in a variety of outfits. This app is suitable for all ages and is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. In-app purchases and ads are available in Barbie: Magical Fashion. Players choose their princess and create outfits for her by changing her hairstyle and colour, as well as making gorgeous jewellery. Children may store the looks they make in Barbie: Magical Fashion, which can be entertaining. Customers, on the other hand, have expressed frustration with the app’s lack of actual options.

Is Barbie’s Magical Fashion appropriate for my children?

Barbie: Magical Fashion is only suitable for children under the supervision of their parents because it contains several in-app purchases and commercials. The Barbie Magical Fashion app’s default, free options are quite limited. Some popular princesses and objects, such as Mermaid and Unicorn, are locked unless purchased, which can be frustrating for small children who can view but not use them. Princesses cost $5.99 individually, with in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $14.99.

Cons of app:

Barbie Magical Fashion is aimed towards children aged three to eight years old, so parents should enable parental restrictions on mobile device purchases and communicate carefully with older children about the rules and expectations for online purchases. The app features a lot of adverts, and purchasing packages does not make the platform ad-free.

Another typical user criticism is that the game lacks princesses of darker skin tones, which might be disappointing for young children looking for a princess that looks like them.


Budge Studios was formed in 2010 to use innovation, creativity, and fun to entertain and educate children all across the world. Barbie, Thomas & Friends, Strawberry Shortcake, Caillou, The Smurfs, Miss Hollywood, Hello Kitty, and Crayola are among the unique and branded properties in its high-quality app catalogue. Budge Studios is a global pioneer in children’s apps for smartphones and tablets, maintaining the highest standards of safety and age appropriacy.


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