SaiVa AcadEmy: Making revolution in making top software developers

Saiva AcadEmy, an Information Technology institution, has indeed set a new way of making a skill-centric platform for developing top software developers. It was founded in the summer of 2019 by the Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh. After taking a number of interviews with software developers from 2015 to 2019, Sushil found that the main reason behind many talented brains not getting great jobs at multinational corporations is that they are not being taught in a way the industry wants. Hence, MNCs do leave their jobs open for a long time despite having millions of new engineers to work with.

Instead of going on with pre-university tutors, Sushil made partnerships with some of the best IT pundits. As they do offer over 15 years of experience, it helps the students of Saiva AcadEmy to understand the work from the LIVE projects and then the IT team of Saiva SysTem makes sure that young minds can learn the practical approach for making an impact.

Unlike traditional B Tech (Bachelor of Technology) hubs, Saiva AcadEmy takes just six months to develop an IT brain and place them at some of the leading MNCs in India and around the world. They have placed over 700 students at some of the leading MNCs, with a 100 per cent placement record. Not just learning the latest programming languages, one can learn the corporate communication skills for having that cutting edge over others.

The recruitment team of the SiaVa system makes sure that a candidate should be ready to answer every question during interviews in the best possible way. It allows a candidate to get everything in his arsenal before turning professional. They do take candidates from both IT and non-IT backgrounds. One can also contact them at, 7428697930, and on their socials. Many of the tech brains now work for SiaVa SysTem’s IT team in India and the United States. Some of their candidates have got even a better package than a top brain from ITIs or NITs.

The main motives of Saiva AcadEmy are to make every young aspirant can start their pro career with a good salary package and at the same time, provide the IT sector with skillful operators who can make the lives of several people around the world better. The training charges are Rs 1 lakh 50 thousand. 

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