Figma Creating World Beyond Design, What Is Next?

It feels as Figma is indeed creating a mega job with the impact of FigJam whiteboard tool has boosted the confidence of the company to the next level. In April Figma came with a master whiteboarding masterpiece of tool named FigJam, that has taken over the market in the very best manner. Hence, it does tell another way a brand should always come up with new ideas. FigJam, with the help of AI tools, does give the look and feel that promotes brainstorm and iterate together. It can be seen as an extension upstream, which is the design of the very software company.

This is indeed tells a lot about Figma and the impact they can make with FigJam. They are not just making a focus on just on designers parts – but sitting with clients for making an impact with sitting down with parties and make things possible. It does help Figma to make an impact in a better manner and create the product ready. Hence, many do say that collaborative touch of Figma makes FigJam a great crook to feel the power of techcrunch. And hence, the product has become that big.

This is what tells a lot about FigJam and the aim they have for keep on growing. The biggest approach FigJam works with that they ask for ideas for the people who are working in the origination and even outsiders, so there can be an overall growth in the product. Usage data indicates that they are gorwing very well – but managaing the price something they need to look at. These are the words of Figma CEO and founder Dylan Field, who has the aim to become the leader of the very market. This is indeed what tells a lot about the approach they have taken and how it can promote the brand well.

However, in February 2022, they did a price cut on the product which has made them charge just 3 USD instead of 8. This is the individual plan and for a company per seat, they have now pay 5 USD instead of 15. They feel that this price cut has indeed made an impact that has changed many things for them.
“We kept coming back to this principle of ‘let’s not get in the way’,” said Field.
He added: “We don’t want to block adoption based on price. So if we can be the most competitive pricing system and use it to emphasize development, but not try to make a crazy profit on this, I think it’s pretty powerful. Because that way, we get more people in the design process, which is aligned with our vision of making design accessible.”

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Other than FigJam, they are looking at Open Sessions as the way to deal with the complex nature of the product for those who do not have ample understanding. It is kind of a training project they are using for keep developing at a fast pace. And Figma feels that they are at a very right position for making a look which one can admire.

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