Sushil Singh: I always had a passion to do something

Sushil Singh

Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh said that he always had a passion for doing something great and making money for creating a better life. Now the founder of four different companies, Sushil has indeed given hope to young children that anything is possible. He did spend his childhood in the Chawals of Mumbai and now has made a great empire of millions of pounds. He did start with the BPO SSR Techvision. He now runs SaiVa System and SaiVa AcadEmy, while his wife Sarita Singh Rawat looks after the fashion brand Deebaco. 

All these things say that Sushil has come far away long. He not just opens a brand but looks after it very well. Hence, people do respect him. The way he takes care of her brand and how he looks after things do tell a lot. 

“I did join SSR in 2015. I worked there until 2019. It was indeed a great experience to work under him. Now I work for Google. It would not have been possible without him telling the best to move forward,” said Raman Gupta. 

It shows how Sushil works to develop others. It is not about a person but about raising the bar of everyone who works for you. 

He always had a passion to do something and has done a lot. The very factor does make her a special person. It is not about thinking something – but also about doing some things. Things do not come in an easy manner. Hence, one needs to push that extra mile for making a difference. 

These very factors do make Sushil an inspiration to follow. The way he deals with things do make an impact so does the way he handles them. It does make him a great combination to follow for young children who want to do something great in life. 

Sushil is one good example people should follow. He is a very humble and down to earth personality who has reached this position, coming from a way long.

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