Secret Language of Relationships: Book Review

Secret Language of Relationships

Secret Language of Relationships: by Joost, Goldschneider, Gary Elffers

The recent entry of Jupiter and Uranus into Aquarius’the sign that dominates astrology’guarantees that this beautiful, informative companion volume will outsell even Penguin Studio’s The Secret Language of Birthdays. The Secret Language of Connections expands on the predecessor’s unique personology profiles to forecast the type of romance, marriage, friendship, business, or family relationships. The Secret Language of Relationships demonstrates how astrology may be used to create a relationship profile for any two people born during any two weeks of the year. As a result, this book has become an invaluable resource for getting the most out of any relationship.

Secret Language of Relationships- What it’s about?

The Secret Language of Relationships sheds light on the enigmatic entity relationship that exists between two people. Individuals born within certain personology periods of the year share important qualities. The Secret Language of Relationships creates a relationship profile between any two people born during any two of these forty-eight weeks using these forty-eight-period personalities as a foundational incredible 1,176 unique combinations! It identifies the focal point of each relationship’s difficulties, common interests, and goals, all captured in its unique name; its strengths and weaknesses; and the most and least successful forms it can take.

Secret Language of Relationships
A must read

Each combination contains a sidebar with images and relationship names of notable couples. The twinkle in the Eyes by Paul McCartney and John Lennon; Sharing Trust by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise; and Bond of the Spirit by Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu are among examples. The Secret Language of Relationships, sure to be a hot item on coffee tables, at parties, and as a holiday present, is the secret to zeroing in like never before on any relationship, or checking the chances for one you have in mind!

First part

The first section comprises a study of typical personalities based on the assumption that people born on the same day, or even during the same week, have similar features. This book splits the year into forty-eight “weeks” and, based on them, describes the distinctive personality qualities of persons born during certain periods. It is more thorough than traditional astrology of the twelve solar periods.

Relationship profiles

The secret language of partnerships gives relationship profiles in pairs based on their personality eras, with 1176 possible combinations. It answers problems like, “What happens when two types of personalities collide, their energies mixing within a differentiated creature that is no longer one of the two but the outcome of both?”

Secret Language of Relationships: What properties would that third new energy have?

The total is proven to be greater than the sum of the parts. In effect, the book’s basic reality is that the interaction between two entities gives rise to a third separate entity.

The Secret Language of Relationships contains 1,176 unexpected combinations of the forty-eight periods. The relationship location table, which is printed on the book’s front and rear end covers, enables rapid access to the page where each relationship profile is produced.

Secret Language of Relationships: Everything about building relationships

They will teach us everything we need to know about relationships, whether they are real or hypothetical. Relationships are other than love and marriage, such as friendship, professional, parent-child, and sibling relationships… It includes over 2500 images of famous couples, both sentimental and other types, as well as a wonderfully illustrated narrative. Knowing the best connections expands the possibilities for loving and long-lasting relationships.

The trick is to first understand yourself, then your spouse, and finally the link between the two. The secret language of relationships reveals the path to and the key to success.


Ediciones Destino is the editor of The Secret Language Of Relationships. José Manuel Lara founded it in Catalonia in the 1940s. It has around 700 publications in its catalogue. This editorial is part of Grupo Planeta De Agostini, which also includes Lectura Plus, Booket, Ediciones Temas de Hoy, Editorial Planeta, and Minotauro. Ediciones Destino specialises in comic books, self-help books, narrative books, dictionaries, and biographies.

The following book collections are available from the publisher: Imago Mundi, Delfn y ancora. Miguel Delibes, Stieg Larsson, Ana Mara Matute, Eduardo Punset, and Lorenzo Silva have all published titles in Ediciones Destino. announces accolades, including those given to Novela Francisco Casavella, Apelles Mestres, Rafael Nadal, and Josep Pla.

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