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Kinsey Wolanski

Kinsey Wolanski is now a famous name on social media. She has become a top model, who does have over 3.7 million followers on Instagram. She is now the businessperson, running Kinsey Fit which has over 17.5k followers and there many people who would buy them because they love Kinsey.

It shows that with a plan and hard work anything is possible. Kinsey now lives in Dubai and does know how to make a helicopter fly. She is a lady with skills and talent. Some might say that she is a combination of beauty and brain as it is hard to be a model for Fashion Nova. It shows how things can be productive. Hence, let us know more about Kinsey and see what makes her special. 

Basic Intro: Kinsey Wolanski – Bio

Kinsey Wolanski is an American model, social media star, actress, businesswoman and actress. One can see it in movies such as Slasher Party and Ass Clowns: Constipated. She was born on 30 August 1996 in Sacramento, California, United States. It makes Virgo as her zodiac sign and nationality is American. Kinsey, who is a part of the white ethnicity, does follow the Christian religion. She does carry Russian roots in her bloodline. She is famous for being in a relationship with Russian-American YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. They have indeed created several headlines together.  

Physical Stats of Kinsey Wolanski

Kinsey Wolanski is a very beautiful lady. Her height is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She is famous for keeping her weight at a very good level despite having big assets. Indeed, her fitness line does influence her to be fit. She weighs around 121 pounds. Her body measurements are 34-26-36.

Everything to know about Kinsey

Her breast size is 33 B. Kinsey’s shoe size is 7.5 (UK). Hazel eyes, blonde hair and white skin indeed take her looks to a stunning level. Kinsey Wolanski has not made any tattoos – but she has done a lot of cosmetic surgeries. It does look very good on her if we think to form the eyes of millions around the world. 

Kinsey Wolanski: Childhood, Parents, Siblings 

Kinsey Wolanski was born and bred in Sacramento, California, United States. Despite being very famous, she has not shared much about her father and mother. Hence, there is no information about the names of her parents. Kinsey has a younger brother who she loves from the bottom of her heart. She went to the High School of California. But her love was not academics. 

Otherwise, she would have made a huge career. Due to her great looks, she was very famous at her school. Hence, she did get much love later. While growing up, she used to watch football (soccer) with her father. Manchester United FC is her favourite team from football. 

Kinsey Wolanski: Love Life 

Kinsey Wolanski has dated several hunks. She has been with many handsome men. However, Kinsey is famous for being with Russian-American YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. The very link has made her even more famous as Vitaly is a huge name on YouTube. She started her relationship with Vitaly in 2019. They do look great together and do make a very good-looking pair. However, they have parted ways now. 

Kinsey Wolanski: Champions League Saga 

In 2019, Kinsey Wolanski did a very big thing in a huge event which was the UEFA Champions League final. Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur were fighting for the UCL crown.

Kinsey Wolanski
Kinsey Wolanski in the 2019 Champions League final

During the game, in Madrid Spain, Kinsey came onto the pitch as a Streaker. It did create headlines around the world and made her famous. From that point, she never looked back and made her profile just out of this world. 

Kinsey Wolanski: Professional Career 

Kinsey Wolanski is a famous model, social media star, actress, businesswoman and actress. She works with some of the modelling names around the world. Kinsey has appeared on the pages of top magazines. She is associated with Fashion Nova. It does tell how far she has come. Kinsey uses her Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channels to earn money. She is also a part of OnlyFans. However, now that is not a chapter of her life. She has indeed moved on very well. Kinsey is a helicopter pilot and a licensed skydiver. She is also associated with an energy drink named Bang Energy. 

Kinsey does love to travel being a model. She has visited nations like Puerto Rico, Turkey, Dubai, Austria, Iceland, England, the United States and many others. Kinsey fit is her official brand. It is growing at a very good rate. At a very young age, she has indeed done a great job. Hence, she is a very well-respected lady. 

Kinsey Wolanski
Famous model Kinsey Wolanski

Kinsey works a lot to make money. She gets regular projects and does take care of her work very well. Every year, she is getting new projects and is associating herself with top names. She has worked in two movies named Slasher Party and Ass Clowns: Constipated. One can see her work as an actress in the very movie. She can do many things. Hence, everyone should see her as an inspiration to follow. She can even ride a horse, which does make her profile even better.

Social Media  

Kinsey Wolanski is a huge name on TikTok. She has over 3.7m Followers on Instagram. She does like to share her personal life and modelling work on her Instagram account. Kinsey has over 187K subscribers on YouTube, with over millions of views on her videos. She does know how to make money from social media better than most. She was also a part of OnlyFans. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Kinsey Wolanski is estimated at over USD 3 million. She is a very rich lady who is taking her wealth to a great level. Kinsey also does a lot of charity work to help those who need it the most.       

Ex-Boyfriend: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a famous Russian-American YouTuber. He has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, making millions of dollars. In the world of social media, it is hard not to know about Zdorovetskiy. He was born on 8 March 1992 in Murmansk, Russia. Actress Elena Vulitsky is her mother. 

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