Haley Cureton: Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth, and More.

Who Is Haley Cureton?

Haley Cureton is a famous name in the world of modelling. Since 2020, she has created a lot of headlines and controversies. Hence, fans all around the world love her a lot. She is a very talented lady who is independent financially and is doing a great job of making things look productive. Haley loves to create headlines for making a class move. It just makes her that much better than others. She is a reality television star who knows when to take a step and when not to. Hence, let us know more about Haley and her creative life. 

Haley Cureton is a model, reality TV star, and social media influencer, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, United States, known for her appearance in “Too Hot to Handle.” She is famous for working in with Fashion Nova as a model, which has celebs and general people wearing clothes. She is recently known for her work on Twitch TV. She is a model, who has led Too Hot to Handle how to become better and set the foundation for the coming seasons all over the world. Just after leaving the show, she did take studies aside and went on to social media for becoming a celeb.

The show made her popular in youth and that has given her a lot of modelling projects one can see them on social media, where she does share her latest work with over 527K followers. She is a model who has taken all her fame from the reality TV show “Too Hot to Handle.” The show is so popular that it does lift the career of women so well that they are set for life without any major problems. She did gain fame in her early 20s. Hence, it has helped Haley to become a great example to follow. She is a model who has done plastic surgeries on all over her body. In her eyes and many, it does elevate her looks.

Haley Cureton Bio

Haley Cureton is a famous American model, social media influencer and reality television star. She is famous for being a part of the Netflix reality show “Too Hot To Handle” (2020). The very show did make her famous in the United States and around the world. Born on March 17, 1998, Haley’s birthplace is Jacksonville, Florida, US. It indeed makes the fact clear that her nationality is American and her zodiac sign is Pisces. 

She has done many cosmetic surgeries, which has taken her looks to a different level. In the US, it is in trend so it become a huge part of personal body features. Her lips look too big, giving a very juicy outlook. She does like to wear crop tops, mostly where she does look very hot. Her skin touch is now tannish, which is the dream of every girl from the west nowadays thanks to Kim Kardashian and her family. As of now (2023), Haley Cureton is 24 years old and about to turn 25 on 18 March.

Haley, who is a part of the white ethnicity, does follow the Christian religion and she does look very much active when it comes to following the words of Jesus. She is famous for creating some romantic moments with YouTuber Francesca Farago in the first season of Too Hot To Handle. 

Age, height, and weight of Haley Cureton

Haley Cureton is indeed a model to watch out for. Standing 5 feet and 6 inches tall, Haley does take care of her body very well. Therefore, she weighs around 63 kg. Black eyes, blonde hair and white skin indeed take her looks to another level.

Haley Cureton
Beautiful model Haley Cureton

Haley’s body measurements are 36-26-36 inches. Haley’s feet size is 8 (US). Haley has not made any tattoos – but she has done a lot of cosmetic surgeries. She has implanted lip job, breastwork and other bodywork to look just stunning. 

She has done many cosmetic surgeries, which has taken her looks to a different level. In the US, it is in trend so it become a huge part of personal body features. Her lips look too big, giving a very juicy outlook. She does like to wear crop tops, mostly where she does look very hot. Her skin touch is now tannish, which is the dream of every girl from the west nowadays thanks to Kim Kardashian and her family. As of now (2023), Haley Cureton is 24 years old and about to turn 25 on 18 March.

Haley Cureton’s Family

Joseph Cureton is the father of Haley, while Natasha Cureton is her mother. She has not talked and has not shared much of her family pictures on Instagram, so the names of her siblings are clandestine from the public as of now.

In a personal interview given to us by her father, Joseph Cureton, said: “I am very fortunate to have Haley as my child. When she was born, my professional life started to grow faster manner. She is the reason behind my luck as I do not see myself as someone like Bill Gates (genius).”

He added: “Haley used to love pop culture right from the very beginning. She always did barbie sort of acts at her school and I always supported her to do whatever she wanted.

“Now people in my community know me as the father of  Haley. Hence, it is a moment to feel proud of myself.

“I remember how she used to play with dolls at the age of 6. Our walks at the park, holding my hands, giving that father kisses.”

Haley has a very supportive family. These words of her father do show these things in a very clear manner. This is the power of the father-daughter relationship.

Haley Education

Haley Cureton did go the University of North Florida, where she did get her degree on July 31, 2021. Haley did do her primary education at San Jose Primary and Westside Middle School.

One of her friends, who did not want to share her name, told us: “Haley and I have grown together. She is just 20 days elder than me. I was her very close friend during her school days. While I did her homework very much.

“She was the talk of the town at school. Boys used to chase her but she did get bullied too, which I never support. Hence, it did make us strong women and it is the need of the hour.”

She added: “I did always feel that Haley had the stars to make her famous around the world and now she is. At school, she always used to say that one day millions of people would know who I am and what I do. At that time, were took it for granted. However, now things have become reality so it is a moment to feel proud of us too.

“We are not great friends anymore – but we did enjoy our school time as pampered girls.”

Her Personal Life

Haley Cureton was born and bred in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. She was born in a much-respected family and had money to enjoy a decent childhood. At School, Haley did create a lot of headlines as a lot many boys were chasing her and did create a hard task for her teachers. 

But she never too studies as well as doing modelling and other extracurricular activities. But has earned a Major in Geography from the University of North. Despite being famous, Haley has not talked much about her parents and siblings. However, she is very much connected with her family.

In her personal life, she likes to stay at home and do nothing when there is no work. She is the kind of a person who likes to go out, spend time with her friends and enjoy life at its best.

Haley Cureto is a fan of luxury bags and has bags from LV, Gucci, Balmain, Dior, Burberry and others.

She has now a collection of 40 luxury bags. She does like designer dresses – but not to the level of cars. She owns a Mercedes GLS 4 Matic.

She has a self-bought 3 BHK apartment too. She likes to remain calm at home without many people making visits.

Haley Cureton Boyfriend

Haley Cureton loves to not talk much about her boyfriend. However – on “Too Hot To Handle” – she created a lot of romantic moments with Francesca Farago. It indeed created a lot of headlines. However, Haley was not her girlfriend. She loves to keep her love life private despite being too much on Instagram. It is the way she loves to keep things. 

Haley Cureton Professional Career

Haley Cureton is a well-known model, social media influencer and reality television star. She works for top modelling brands like Fashion Nova and Strata Clothing and many others brands. Even before becoming part of Too Hot To Handle – she was very much famous. 

Haley Cureton

Famous model Haley Cureton

Haley did a feature on COED magazine. It was indeed a huge move for her as she did work hard for making a name. She is also a part of Zeta Tau Alpha. Haley is a huge dog lover; hence, one can see her sharing her dog pictures with her fans. Haley is a very skilled model who knows when to take the very step. She knows the art of making money, and hence she is too much famous. 

Haley Cureto has become a name in the field of modelling. She signed deals with Fashion Nova and Deebaco, which is an Indian clothing brand in late 2021. Other than that, she does collabs and modelling work for various brands around the world.

She does also work as a model for PrettyLittleThing. One can see her social media handles for seeing how well she does promote the fashion brand. Haley wants soon to lunch her fashion brand related to fitness and beachwear as she sees the market getting her good sums in future.

All her Insta posts are filled with promoting Fashion Nova. She did miss the deal from Nike in 2020 as the brand did pick another model. It was a blow for her as she wanted to work for a major player like Nike for their fitness section.

She does go to the UAE for modelling work as it does make her earn a lot. Once a year thing does happen for making a visit to Dubai, which is the place models earn millions and billions of dollars.

She does want to host reality TV shows in future and become a part of them around the world. For MTV, she does keep on doing work here and there.

Haley Cureto’s Net Worth

The net worth Haley will soon reach USD 1.3 million as of 2023. The information will be shared very soon. After the Too Hot To Handle show, she gained popularity. She does get her big dollars from Fashion NOVA, PrettyLittleThing and other fashion brands. Other than that, she does ramp walks, shoots for the latest collections of fashion and non-fashion brands. Her Instagram post does give her money for collaborating. Haley Cureton is not on OnlyFans as of now. Otherwise, her net worth would have been to the next level as the fans do search a lot about her OnlyFans posts and are waiting to pay for knowing her better.  

Social Media of Haley Cureton

For Haley, social media is a great way of earning. In 2020, she posted some videos on her YouTube channel. However, she then stopped doing that. On Instagram, Haley has over 587k followers. Her impact is great on TikTok too. 

Haley has a profile on OnlyFans. She does share some of her personal content on the very site. It has made her earn well – and has taken her profile to another level. Many might not have an account on OnlyFans if they are earning well. However, Haley has some different plans. 

Haley Cureto’s Wiki

Haley Cureto is a reality TV female star, who took her life to the next level by making an appearance in Too Hot To Handle show. She is a famous personality who does yoga every morning for staying fit and goes to the gym too. Despite being very famous, she does not create bad headlines at all. This has elevated her public profile of Haley at a level where she does modelling for Fashion Nova, which is a huge fashion brand in the US and around the world. She is also a social media influencer now, having millions of views.

Facts About Haley Cureton

  • Haley does like to eat dark chocolates.
  • She is a lover of French wine.
  • Haley has a collection of 40 luxury bags.
  • Haley owns a Mercedes GLS.
  • Haley is famous for being in the Too Hot To Handle reality TV show.
  • Haley has a love for sports and she is a huge NBA fan.
  • Tiffany and Co is her beloved jewellery brand.
  • She has the aim to work as a model for Hermes.
  • Haley does like to eat Indian cuisine the most other than American and Mexican.
  • Haley is a fan of movies and series of Hollywood.
  • Justine Bibber is her favourite singer.   

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