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Everything You Need to Know About Renovating Your Home

Renovations are one of the most exciting and challenging projects you can undertake in your home. Over 35% of all homeowners in Perth undertake some renovation project during their lifetime, making it a rising trend in the region. So, whether you need an aesthetic update or an insect-proof home, renovations in Perth can help you accomplish your home goals. Meanwhile, the steps in a home renovation are as follows:

Drawing Out Home Goals

The first step to any home renovation project is to get a clear idea of what you want to achieve. A plan of what you need in advance can save money, time and frustration later. It is crucial not only for the success of your project but also so that you do not waste money on unnecessary things.


For a successful renovation, it is crucial to have a clear budget and stick to it. And your budget should include the cost of materials, labour, transport and any permits and licenses you may need.

In order to create your budget, you should estimate the total cost of your home renovations, including materials (materials needed to complete the job) and labour (the costs associated with hiring professionals). Then add 20% to this figure for unforeseen expenses that may arise during the project. It’s also advisable to consider any unexpected costs associated with transport/delivery or getting professional help or advice if required.

Find the Right Builder for Your Job

Finding the right builder for your job can be a challenge; you want to work with a builder with your best interests at heart. And for that:

  • Ask for references and check them out. Talking to previous clients of the builders you are considering is essential. Meanwhile, any reputable builder should have no problem supplying you with contact details of happy customers you can speak with directly about their experience with them.
  • Find a builder who knows how long it takes to do things in your area. Not all rooms are created equal regarding building regulations, so make sure that any builder you are considering is familiar with local council approvals and requirements. This will save time and money later down the track, and there won’t be any nasty surprises along the way!


If you want to get the most out of your renovation, it’s essential to do your research. As a homeowner, you are likely aware that there are many different contractors in Perth and other cities in Australia. However, many different builders have different skill sets and specialities. So, you must choose the right builder for your renovations in Perth, as this can make or break the renovation’s success.

To get a good idea of what type of contractor would be suitable for your project, you should speak with more than one builder about their work experience and pricing structure before deciding who should do the job for you. For example, if one builder tells you they can save money on your new kitchen by using cheaper materials than another, but you don’t like how their kitchens look, you should go with someone else!

Council Requirements

Perth is very community-centric, so you’ll want to ensure that your renovations will not cause trouble with the local council. Firstly, get a permit from them, so they know what you’re planning and can inspect the work when it’s done. Secondly, check with them about the types of renovations you want—some may not be allowed in your area or require special permits. Thirdly, ensure that whatever work you do meets building codes and standards; if it doesn’t, it could pose safety risks or affect neighbouring properties by altering wind flow or drainage patterns.


Be sure to get multiple quotes for each job, and feel free to negotiate on pricing. While some tradespeople may have minimum charges that can’t be negotiated, many are willing to come down a bit if they know you will be a repeat customer.

When you speak with different contractors, ask for references from past clients and request a list of materials used on their projects. This will help you determine whether or not the contractor is reputable and reasonably priced. Also, make sure that all necessary licenses and insurance are in place!

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